Alaska V. Texas

I have something rather unpleasant to tell the good people of Texas.  You are not the biggest state.  Even if you tell me repeatedly that you are.  Even if you believe it in your heart of hearts, you’re not.  So, it would seem that perhaps not everything is really bigger in Texas, it’s actually bigger in Alaska, and probably less prone to lying about its size to impress other states.  They can just measure you, you know.  Let’s see, Texas is about 261,914 square miles, where Alaska is about 570,374 square miles.  That’s really not even close, which makes it all the more sad.  And you can find those statistics anywhere, just type that shit into Google and it pops right up.  Anyway, Alaska wins, Texas is just another guy with a sock in his pants.

Visual Comparison


2 thoughts on “Alaska V. Texas

  1. daniel says:

    you suck

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