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An Open Letter:

This is an open letter to my Republican friends. It’s a sort of “come to Jesus” moment, if you will. It’s time that we sit down and have a chat.

First of all, I’m sorry for your loss. I’m not talking about Romney; I’m not talking about the repeat-brutality of losing the popular vote (or the disbelief on Megyn Kelly and Bret Baier’s faces when Obama once again saw victory). What I’m talking about is the loss of dignity due to the division and implosion of your party. You’ve fallen prey to your own hubris, believing that your party could survive the split into a hydra-headed beast, hell-bent on taking down the Socialist Space-Ninja Muslim who somehow snuck into the Oval Office. You stretched your resources too thin and the result was not ideal for your party. You have my deepest sympathies.

I’m seeing a lot of folks out there suddenly spouting off incorrect data on the effects of “Obamacare” and the possibilities of America adopting a Socialist economic plan. Without delving into the statistics which are freely flowing on the pages of Google, I can assure you that we are not heading in this direction. Your party is perpetuating the fear, even possibly believing the hype, and bullying gullible people into believing that Obama is somehow like Hitler, and that you will soon be paying a visit to the bread lines. In case you haven’t noticed, there is a lot of wealth hanging out at the top-tiers of society. This is nothing to be afraid of, except when that wealth freezes without “trickling down”, as so many of you believe that it will. Instead of seeing the middle class lapping of the pools of melting ice-wealth, that wealth is being deposited in a Swiss bank account and not seeing reinvestment into job creation (at least not in America). What does this mean? With so many of the wealthy investing in overseas affairs, that leaves little in the way of American growth. You may accuse me of oversimplifying the issue, but I’m simply pointing out the perception from the other side. Recently there has been talk of taxing the upper-tiers (those with major capital gains) at a higher rate than in previous years. For those of you who still maintain the “job creators” argument, I pose you this question: with repeat extensions of the Bush Tax Policy, repeat corporate bailouts, and repeat investment from the American Government, where are all the private sector jobs? Honestly, those of you talking about shrinking Federal Government need to take a moment to look up where your tax dollars go. Infrastructure, humanitarian efforts at home, national security, disaster relief, retirement security for older generations, and yes, health care and food stamps for those who are not fortunate enough to afford either on minimum wage salary.

The problem isn’t that our government is run like shit; it’s that our government is run like a business put together by children. We allow Congress to be lobbied and courted, given under-the-table strokes by corporate lackeys. We let religion dictate our lawmaking, and then provide tax breaks to said religions who are influencing human rights issues they believe to be morally questionable (which is different than legally questionable). If you aren’t catching on to what I’m talking about here, please keep on reading. Office-holding Republicans are allowing their party to become some unrecognizable problem child. Take a look at what happened this past election season. We had Republican candidates who proposed a flat-rate tax across the Federal level, some who proposed a demolishing and gutting of Federal tax programs, some who played party to the wealthy and proposed lower tax rates for supposed job creators, and some who would have tried to implement Reagan-era tax programs which would inevitably have failed. When one party can’t come together to meet the challenge of economic tribulations, you can’t possibly expect the GOP to stick to solidarity and power through. Taking into account inflation VS wage increase, it’s truly a wonder that anyone outside of the wealthy would continue to drink the Kool-aid. Children squabble, and so did your party. Congress has taken to opposing the current administration’s economic policy based solely on the fact that they hold a grudge, and have been unwilling to compromise due to the continued towing of a party line. Sounds like schoolyard tactic to me.

Compounding these issues are the pundits, if you can even call them that. Ann Coulter spouts misinformation to the Fox News Nation while Rush Limbaugh spirals further down the fringe drain, and all the while people happily regurgitate the bullshit. The words “Liberal Media Bias” are dropped whenever someone points out the inefficiencies of the Republican party, and you, my friends, succumb once again to the finger-puppets flooding your airwaves. I’m not saying turn on MSNBC and sit in on an evening with the charming Rachel Maddow (though her credentials in education alone far-eclipse those of angry, flopping-head, Bill O’Reilly). What I am saying is that things are not looking good for you and your party. You don’t need to jump off the wagon and take to the hills, but instead try to foster a new kind of growth in the GOP – one of informed opinion and merit. As of now you are about 50 years behind on Civil Rights, 30 years behind on Economic Policy, and way too excited about the idea of dragging us into another war in the Middle East. I’m not saying that I agree with everything that the current administration has done, but I swear, my eyes water every time I hear someone talk about Obama as though he’s planning on taking away your right to own a gun. My eyes aren’t watering because I’m sad, but because my eyes always water around the smell of bullshit.

Please, get your heads on straight. Obama has four more years to get this machine turned around, but he can’t do it if the kids are constantly trying to take the wheel. If you’re really so upset that Obama was re-elected, perhaps you could flee to another industrialized nation, although you may encounter the same “Socialist” healthcare programs there as well. See, the deal is that we, as Americans, are no longer behaving in such a way as to inspire positive change in rest of the world. Instead, we squabble over whether or not women have control over their own bodies, or whether or not homosexuals have the right to file taxes together and receive benefits like the rest of the married folk. We have allowed our country to turn into exactly what we rallied against not so long ago. “Taxation without representation” has recently been the battle cry of the Tea Party (one of the most absurd fringe-Republican groups out there). I would argue that we here in the lower echelons of society have more right to this call-to-coup than the politicians and pundits who’ve adopted this catch phrase, seeing as Congress is regularly bought by interest groups. What I’m saying is that the loss of dignity hurts and you are not handling it very well. Capitalism in theory is fine, but it is not working in practice, at least in the form as we know it. Lowering taxes is a great idea, except when our debt is crippling our ability to wheel and deal in the modern world (a debt, might I add, that was in place prior to Obama taking office). You don’t dig the LGBT community or abortions? Tough shit – your religious dogma is not the crux of our list of laws and rights.

So, all I can offer you is a suggestion to reclaim a bit of your dignity: take the hit and move on. Don’t start talking about moving funds overseas, or how Obamacare is going to cripple our economy. Do you even understand what the policy does in the long term? It brings down the cost of healthcare by regulating a system that has become a major source of civil debt among the people who truly can’t afford to go to a doctor. If you can’t see that, then I offer another piece of advice: shut up. Stop spewing propaganda from the Right, as you will only make the rest of us that much more prone to tearing you down. After that, I can’t guarantee that a shred of your dignity will remain in tact.

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